First of all, we want to thank you for downloading the app and deciding to embark on this journey of self-discovery. 

In this instance, there are two situations may be the case, but don’t worry, both of them have a simple solution: 

1) One situation that has become more common recently, with the creation of the Google Play Store, which is responsible for charging subscriptions within the App, has changed the billing method for free periods, called “Trials” or “Tests.” 

What happens now is that once you sign up for the free trial period, Google has already requested a pre-authorization for the amount that may be charged on the 7th day to the credit card company you have registered with your account, and this has caused a lot of confusion (which is very understandable). 

Given that some banks inform their customers via SMS or email, listing this pre-approval as an approved purchase, this creates confusion. But if you check the email sent by Google, which explains the procedure, it shows that $0.00 has been charged, and informs you of the amount that may be charged on the 7th day. 

Essentially, this is a pre-approval from the operator, and is not actually a charge. 

Okay! But what if I don’t want to risk being charged after the 7th day? What should I do? 

To cancel a subscription through the Google Play Store on your device, complete the following steps: 

- Open the Google Play Store app. 

- Tap Menu > My Apps > My Subscriptions. Then tap the app whose subscription you want to cancel. 

- Tap “Cancel” and “Yes” to confirm the cancellation. 

We sincerely hope we have explained this new procedure clearly and transparently. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to our support team by starting a call by clicking here. 

2) If you have verified and actually received a charge and it is not the situation listed above, it is likely that you have already completed a free trial with us before, so the App detects that the free period has already been used and therefore has made a direct charge. 

Of course, this should not have happened. In this case, just open a ticket by clicking here and let us know the model of your phone.