If you have chosen to take a 7-day free trial and for some reason forgot to manage/cancel your Zen App subscription, and it charged, don't worry!

Even after seven days, if you don't intend to continue with your subscription, you can ask for a refund, follow the procedures below:

It is important to remember that Android and Apple devices have different ways of performing the claim/refund because those are different companies that do this management, in the case Google for Android devices and Apple for iOS devices.

If your subscription made through the Apple Store (iOS):

If you subscribed on an Apple device, you need to report this and ask for the refund directly to apple. Unfortunately, we are not able to manage any apple subscription by ourselves; we apologize for that.

It is necessary to make a report on the website below stating the problem/withdrawal of the purchase that they make the refund directly from there.

The link is this: https://reportaproblem.apple.com/

From our experience with past cases, usually within three days, they have solved this issue.

If your subscription made through the Google Play Store (Android):

If you subscribed on an Android device, you should initially find the purchase confirmation number; it's a number that starts with "GPA," usually, Google sends this number in a purchase confirmation email that posted to your email entered in your Google Play Store account.

If you did not receive this email, the link below is a small and simple tutorial on how to locate this verification code:


With this number in hand, click here and send a request to our support team informing the order confirmation number. (if the link does not work for some reason, you can send it directly by email: talkto@zenapp.com.br)